Professional Hunting and Ranch Management

Ahrens Ranch & Wildlife, LLC.

Professional Hunting


Ahrens Ranch & Wildlife, LLC. offers premier hunting opportunities in Texas and South Africa for the most sought after big game animals.

We offer free range/free chase experiences for animals such as Aoudad sheep, Nilgai antelope, Axis deer, Cape buffalo, Kudu, Whitetail deer, Rio Grande turkey, Mule deer, and much more!

Our properties range from the Limpopo Valley of South Africa, brush country of south Texas, the rolling terrain of the Texas hill country, Trans-Pecos region of west Texas, and the panhandle of northern Texas. For Texas exotic hunting or native game hunting, Ahrens Ranch & Wildlife, LLC. can facilitate your next hunt of a lifetime.

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Consulting Services


Ahrens Ranch & Wildlife offers professional consulting services to all landowners interested in bettering their livestock, range, or wildlife capabilities. Services offered include but are not limited to ;

-Helicopter Surveys

-Harvest Data Managment 

-Wildlife Management Plans

 -Range Management 

-Water Distribution 

-Prescribed Burns 

-Exotic Game Management

 -Feeding Program (Wildlife/Cattle) 

-And much more!

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 “A conservationist is one who is humbly aware that with each stroke [of  the axe] he is writing his signature on the face of the land.”   
 ―     Aldo Leopold,      A Sand County Almanac